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Laws For Society Residents

We all are living in a society but most of the peoples have no idea what they can do when their neighbour bangs his door shut loudly, plays loud music, dumps garbage from his balcony on the ground and worst of all. So if we want to free from all this inconvenience of our neighbour we have to know about our duties and rights as well. This article covers the general rights and duties of residents in a society in order to live peacefully and understand the basics of acceptable behavior.

Before starting the laws for society residents we must know the basic term Law and Society:

Law is the command of the Sovereign. Law must flow from a determinate person or group of persons with the threat of displeasure if it is not obeyed. As we know, Sovereignty is only part of the state So, it can say that Law is used to denote rules of conduct emanated from and enforced by the state. Now, what the term Society is: All community or a group of persons, living in any region, who are united by some common bond, is known as society.

Let’s take a look at Rights and Duties

Rights of Residents :

  • Every resident is obliged to be a member of the society association which is formed for the welfare of the people.
  • A resident has the right to attend the general assembly meeting and discuss the subjects.
  • A resident has the right to get a copy of the co-operative society act and the by- law.
  • A resident has the right to use the common area as needed.
  • A resident has the right to undivided interest of the common areas.
  • A resident has the right to transfer/inherit the property.
  • A resident has the right to know about the affairs of society.
  • A resident has the right to get the list of members and managing committee.
  • A resident has the right to get reports such as a balance sheet. profit and loss A/c. details of income and expenditure of the society.
  • A resident should not be discriminated between the members.
  • A resident should not be imposed with unlawful restrictions.
  • A resident has the right to get attended or addressed about his complaints and grievances.
  • A resident has the right to take a decision on the rate of contribution regarding the maintenance fee, maintenance, and repair fund and sinking fund, etc,
  • A resident has the right to make a decision about the penalty to be charged on members, violating by-laws of the society, and determining its amount.
  • A resident has the right to participate in all activities of the society.
  • A resident has the right to attend and vote at a general body meeting.
  • A resident has the right to acquire the share certificate.
  • A resident has the right to seek information from society.
  • A resident has the right to get the minutes of the meeting.
  • A resident has the right to inspect documents, books, and records with prior notice to the management committee.
  • A resident has the right to the occupation of flats.
  • A resident has the right to complain at the registrar in case of improper functioning of a society.

Duties of the Residents :

  • Maintain records and documents: Residents of the society are required to maintain and safeguard all the documents, agreements, share certificate, and other important documents that is executed between him and the society.
  • Provide accurate information: At the time of application and registration to the Co-operative Housing Society, members are required to submit correct and verifiable information about themselves with valid documents. Identity fraud, omission of important information, and misinterpretation of facts are not permitted.
  • Maintenance of residence: Members and residents are required to keep their flats and adjoining premises clean and habitable. Residents should maintain proper hygiene etiquette while using common areas, parking lots, etc., and should not throw garbage from their balconies and windows.
  • Carry out repairs: If the Secretary recommends any repairs, renovations on the basis of their inspection, the residents should carry them out at their own expense with the help of an architect appointed by the society. If they fail to do so, the committee complies with them by giving notice to the member and recovering the outstanding amount from it.
  • Storage of dangerous products: Without prior permission of the society, Residents should not stock any toxic or flammable goods which require a permit from a competent authority.
  • Payment of dues: Members should regularly pay the maintenance fees and all other dues as required by the Society.
  • Follow by-laws: Residents should be well aware of the rules of society and follow the provisions of the by-laws. It is highly recommended that members obtain a copy of the model by-laws from the secretary of the society.
  • Do not conduct illegal activities: Residents should not use their homes or society premises/property to engage in any type of criminal and illegal activities. If found guilty, serious legal action/punishment can be imposed.
  • Use of residence for personal business: If a resident wants to use his flat for business purposes like dance class, meditation class, dispensary, coaching class, baby nursery, beauty parlor, or any other enterprise, then they could so as per society bye-laws. However, any code of conduct created during the meeting of the General Assembly should be followed and members should ensure that no other resident is a victim of nuisance or trouble with their profession.
  • Attend Meetings: The by-laws make it mandatory for members to attend at least one general meeting in five consequent years. But ideally, residents should regularly check the notice boards for meetings and participate in them for their own benefit. Members should also attend annual and special general assembly meetings to stay updated with the affairs of the society.
  • Do not disturb: While using the playground, residents should follow the time schedule for use so that loud noises do not disturb other members.

Writer: Minali Gupta

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Society Management Software

We Speak Standard: EezyLife Society Management App for Your Gated Community

Have you moved to a gated society for better security and amenities but still not getting the satisfactory services? Or, are you exhausted from the bulk and time-consuming work of community management? Sit back and relax; because EezyLife is here to make your daily experience an easylife, bringing a new wave of elevated living through its powerful, trustworthy, and secure community management services.

EezyLife is a one-stop, web-based, technology-driven community management system that promises you the easy way of homing as our professional team is dedicated to providing high quality, top-notch and secured services – adapted to clients, for your gated community.

What Does EezyLife offer?

All our following services are feasible through our EezyLife Resident App and EezyLife Guard App.

  • Event Management to provide you a fulfilled and elegant experience of events and activities.
  • Polls to enable the community members to cast their digital vote before taking any decision in your gated community.
  • Society Directory to keep the record of all community members securely.
  • Notice to circulate the necessary notices and reminders in society digitally.
  • Lost and Found to help the community members to find out their possessions easily.
  • Complaint Management to find a quick solution for your file complaint.
  • Online Bill Payment to pay the society bills or utility bills staying indoors.
  • Employee Attendance to oversee the entry and exit through technology.
  • Parking Management to help you and your visitor to find out parking slots easily in society.
  • Visitors Management to keep an eye on the entry of people in your community 24×7.
  • Vendors Management to restrict the entry of unknown vendors in your community.
  • SOS to raise an emergency alert anytime within your gated community

We Are Not The Best, But Certainly, We Are Better Than Others:

EezyLife justifies its name; this society app makes your life an easylife and for that, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person or a geek.

We are always committed to your service. This unique society app brings the residents of your gated community altogether. Compiling all the features, EezyLife, itself is an amalgamation of novel cultures. All the community management services, just in one app, and all your palpitations are vanished. Your society will be transformed into a top-notch one and the residents can tune their lives in complete composure.

Society Management Software

Not Sure About Why Do You Have To Pay Society Maintenance Charges? Know Here Why.

EezyLife is a one-stop, web-based solution for community management services which promises you to make your days an easylife with its fast, trustworthy, secure, and quality society management services. Now you have bought a beautiful flat with a handsome amount of money, but still, after that, you have to pay lifelong monthly or periodic society maintenance charges and you do not understand why. We are here to give you detailed reasons for that. Stay connected.

First of all, society management charges are not at all inconvenient, and secondly, they are not complex or difficult to comprehend. These charges are in fact mostly justified and backed up by the laws and they are easy to apprehend too. Let’s find out.

Types of Maintenance Charges to be paid by the Society Members:

In India the model bye-laws may vary from state to state in particular; however, the basic structure and nomenclature remain the same. Always remember the guidelines provided by the bye-laws are based on different calculation systems; how much each member will pay as maintenance charges – this is to be decided and determined by the society based on the bye-laws.

Service Charges: These include any charges that are required to obtain services and any amenities or facilities and are equal to all members. That can be charged for electricity for the common area, charges for the society guard, lift operators, cleaning personnel, gardener and many more.

Repair & Maintenance Charges: These include any type of charges that are required to redevelop, repair and to maintain the property of the society like pumps, generators, lifts, tanks, internal roads, and many more. Rates that are subject to the minimum of 0.75% per annum, of the construction cost of each flat for meeting expenses of normal recurring repairs, are determined by the governing body of the society.

Parking Charges: Those members of the society who own vehicles have to pay the parking charges that vary according to the type of the vehicle.

Water Charges: This is mandatory for all the members. The charges are based on the basis of the total number and size of inlets provided in each flat.

Non-occupancy charges: These charges that should not be more than 10% of the service charges have to be paid even if you are not currently staying in the house/flat.

Sinking Fund: This is an emergency fund for unpredictable situations. It is determined by the governing body of the society, subject to a minimum of 0.25% per annum of the construction cost of each flat.

Interest on defaulted payments: This is for any late payments as in that case you are liable to pay interest on defaulted dues. Charges vary from society to society but are subject to a maximum of 21% per annum on the charges.

Insurance charges: Certain charges for insuring the building and equipment may have to be paid (based on the built-up area of the flat) as part of the maintenance bill. But you don’t have to pay the insurance premium for shops/flats used for commercial purposes by others in the building.

Lease/rent charges: This is based on built up area of each flat / unit.

Other charges: This is decided by the governing body of the society as and when needed.        

Is it mandatory to pay maintenance charges?

If you are a part of an independent apartment, therefor every service of facility that you avail, you will be paying out of your own pocket. You don’t need to pay any maintenance charges. But when you are in a housing society, you are agreeing to be a part of a larger co-operative construct; therefore you are liable to pay the said charges. The moment you are registered as a member, a maintenance contract has to be signed by you and the builder, making both parties legally liable to fulfill their respective duties and responsibilities.

How often do you have to pay maintenance charges?

There are four payment cycles – (1) annual (2) bi-annual (3) quarterly (4) monthly payment cycles. Housing societies select one of these payment frequencies at the very initial stage and can make changes later considering different factors.

It is always beneficial to pay your maintenance charges on time to avoid late payments with added interest. As a responsible resident on-time payments of maintenance charges are expected from you. But, make sure that the charges are as per the rules; for any inconvenience, you can straight go to the management committee of your society.

EezyLife is here to make your burden less as we have secured a utility bill payment options among our many easy and convenient services. Your comfort and security is our top priority. Connect with us and let us make your life an easylife with our potential, strong, trustworthy, secure, and safe community management services.

Society Management Software

An Illustration Of Model Bye-Laws Of Co-Operative Housing Societies

A society is not simply made of bricks and people; it is always abided by certain rules & regulations. EezyLife, a one-stop solution for community management services always maintains and supports these rules, while it aims to turn your journey an easylife making it more competent, convenient, and secure. EezyLife’s variety of services ranging from the digital notice board, SOS to utility bill payment, and many more, all are there to bring an elevation in your everyday life style.

 Have you ever wondered, why a society charges for maintenance, or what are the responsibilities of the society, or what are the powers that the members have? Here all your questions will be quenched.

All the answers of your queries are hidden in a discreet tiny book called ‘Model Bye-Laws.

What is ‘Model Bye-Laws’:

Model Bye-Laws includes all the rules created by the societies to self-manage all their activities encompassing their members. The bye-laws are provided and mandated by the higher authorities like government or legislative authorities, though these laws may vary to the state to state in particular; however, the basic structure and nomenclature remain the same.

Let’s know further about the different categories of the bye-laws of society, ranging it from trivial matters like arranging events, putting notices, holding a meeting to major matters like issuing shares to the members, power of a society, collecting different charges from members and many more.

Name and Address:                     

This segment informs us about the procedure of selecting a name for the society, changes in name, categorization, detailed procedure of changing an address, and displaying the Name of Board of the Society.


It indicates the body or system of names used in a particular specialist field. In the regard to housing co-operative, it clearly defines the commonly used terms like common areas, sinking funds, active members and so on and legally discerns common usage of words.

Area of Operation, Objectives, Affiliation:

This section clearly defines the locality of the society within a municipality and its objectives and aims and also points out it as Member of the Co-op Housing Federation of the District / Ward / Taluka, the District Central Co-operative Bank of the district.

Fund Raising and Its Usage:                                                

These bye-laws highlight the methods of raising funds like issuing shares, taking loans, voluntary donations, and so on as well as states the process of issuing shares to the members and the liability limitations of the society. How the funds will be utilized are also explained, like an emergency fund, reserve fund, repair and management fund, and training fund.

Rights of Members:

This segment explains, what are the eligibility criteria, conditions, and procedures to get the membership of the society and also distinguishes between active, non-active, associate, and nominal members. Different rights of the members such as the right to inspect records, get a copy of bye-laws, right to Occupation of Residence, conditions for and acceptance of Resignation by Members, the procedure for Nomination by a Member and its revocation/revision, procedure and requisite documents for Transfer of Shares and interest from a member to another in the Capital/Property of the Society, Transfer of Shares and interest of the deceased Member, and rules on Exchange and Sub-letting of residences, all are stated herein great details.

Responsibilities and Liabilities of Members:

Under this section of the bye-laws comes the details of the duties and responsibilities of the members which range from applying for permission, making additions and alterations in a flat, allowing examination of flats, and reporting about repairs to not to cause inconvenience to other members.

It also details the grounds on which a person can be ceased as a member and the actions and procedures that a society can take and includes the rules of owning multiple flats, liability limited of members, unpaid amount on shares too.

Society Charges:         

Here, this section entails the composition and break-up of the society charges that include Property Taxes, Water Charges, Common Electricity Charges, contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund, expenses on Repairs, Service Charges, Car Parking Charges, Interest on the defaulted charges, Repayment of the Loan, Installment, and Interest, Non-occupancy Charges, Insurance Charges, Lease/Rent, Non-agricultural Tax, Education and Training Fund, Election Fund, and any other charges of the society.

Responsibilities and Power of the Society:

These bye-laws are certain rules specific to the common seal and incorporation of the society as holding the power to acquire, hold, and dispose of the property, to enter into contracts and other legal proceedings. It also incorporates charge on the shares and/or interest of a Member, policy for allotment of flats and cancellation of flats, handing over possession of flats, society’s duty to carry out the structural audit, allotment of parking lots and its restrictions, marking of parking lots and their eligibility, along with payment of charges for parking of vehicles.

Society Meetings:

From how to conduct society meetings including general, annual, and special body meetings, to their rules, functions, and responsibilities all are discussed in this section. These bye-laws also include the details of the voting rights of members, recording of the minutes of the meeting, holding of the adjourned General Body Meeting of the societies.

Management of Regular Affairs:

Thee bye-laws explain the functions of the Managing Committee, Chairman and Secretary of the society, opening up of bank account for operations, strength (in numbers) of the Managing Committee, guidelines for Election, First Meeting of the new committee, duration of holding office, conditions for the cessation of membership of the Committee, and Resignation of Committee Member/Office bearer.


Here, the complete lists of maintaining books of accounts, records, and registers are mentioned, encompassing cash books, ledgers, Sinking Fund, Investment, Nomination, Loan Registers, Applications for membership, resignations, correspondences received from within the society or from external agencies related to property tax, conveyance, electricity, vouchers, and counterfoils of share certificates and issued cheques, periodical statement of accounts, audit memos, election papers, service staff payment records and many more..

Profit Distribution:

Here, rules on how to distribute funds (after paying interest on loans/deposits and after making such other deductions) are described clearly in bye-laws.

Writing off Dues:

These bye-laws describe the conditions under which the Society is allowed to write off its irrecoverable charges due to the members, the expenses incurred on recovery, and the accumulated losses.

Accounts Audit:

The fundamental procedure for conducting an annual financial audit of the society is prescribed in detail in this section.

Conveyance, Development/Redevelopment, and Repair/Maintenance:

This section proceeds with the details of the deed conveyance under society’s name through an advocate and lists the rules of renovation and repair. Each member’s contributions towards this is stated, along with the procedure of inviting tenders from architects/ developers, and a detailed guide to the entire redevelopment process is given along with the guidelines on emergency planning schemes, disaster management, and response machinery.

Miscellaneous matters:

Trivial yet important rules regarding everyday operational activities are mentioned here including sending and displaying notices on general meetings and their resolutions, how to fix the Notice Board and what to display on it, penalty amounts for member breaches against the society, regulating the services, amenities as per members’ convenience, fixing timings, rules for use of common areas such as parks, staircases, etc, making available spaces for members to install solar energy electrical systems, making copies of the documents required by the members and the charge per page. 

Member Complaints:

According to the nature of the complaint, the bye-laws give a list of relevant authorities who are to look into the matter.

Why Do You Need to Know about Model Bye-Laws:

Being a responsible member of the society you should explicitly know the bye-laws as in each step these will guide you in the right direction, to the right steps. These bye-laws may seem massive monotonous legal lines to you but as an integral part of the society, you need to be well aware of the rules and regulations of the society and members and how it functions. To stop any kind of discrepancy and to maintain transparency within your society bye-laws are unavoidable.

When you get connected with EezyLife, your society becomes our commitment. We bring all our community management services to your doorstep following all the rules and guidelines of model bye-laws. We value and respect the ethics of the work.

Society Management Software

We Guard, We Protect, We Secure: Enjoy the Joy of Security With EezyLife’s Apartment Security Services

If you are living alone but always fear about your safety within your apartment, or if you are a busy person and most of the times have to stay outdoors but always worried about your family’s security at your home, just dust off all the worries as EezyLife has come to erase all your problems with its all-powerful apartment security services to make your journey an easylife.

EezyLife is a one-stop web-based community management system offering top-notch secured services to provide you an excellent, satisfactory experience of daily life, making it more convenient, competent and protected.

Your Security, Our Commitment: All You Need To Know About Out Apartment Security Services:

When you are bewildered to find out proper apartment security services, EezyLife offers,

Flawless Visitor Management: No visitor can enter into your community without proper authentication anymore. Through EezyLife Guard app, your society guard can register visitors by filling in necessary information like name, phone number, vehicle number and vehicle type (if any), tower, and flat number, and visitor’s type.

If any new visitor visits the society, the guard has full access to add his/her description from the option Add New Visitors present in the EezyLife Guard app

Daily Staff Management: For daily visitors like maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc, all the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing.

24×7 Monitoring: EezyLife’s apartment security services are at your service throughout the clock. All the people including visitors, daily staff, and even residents have to mark their In and Out time. Thus all the individuals are under our continuous surveillance.

Pre-Approval of Visitor: Say goodbye to the old-school unsafe and complex method. A unique feature of the resident app is that the residents can even invite any visitor by going to My Visitors option, in which the Invite Visitor option is present. There, the resident has to put the necessary details of the visitor, so that at the time of entry, invited visitors can easily check-in by telling the guard 4–digit pin.


SOS: If you feel any kind of emergency in your apartment, just push our SOS alert button and we are there to help you out.

EezyLife promises an easylife that comes with top-grade apartment security services because we care, we’re security aware. We are the professionals in the watch. We keep watch, so you do not have to.

Society Management Software

Beware & Connect with Care: Keep Your Society Safe and Secure with EezyLife’s Visitor Management System

From our infancy, elders keep on saying, “Do not let the strangers come in.” Are you still allowing strangers in your apartment without any proper identification? Why are you still risking your family by not opting for any Community Management service that provides you a strong apartment security system? 

While you are wandering among these questions, we have just one solution for you – EezyLife, a one-stop community management system that comes with powerful Visitor Management service to protect you and to make your daily journey an easylife.

How Does EezyLife’s Visitor Management Shield Your Apartment:

Infallible Visitor Check-in: Through the EezyLife Guard app the guard of the society register each visitor by filling necessary details like name, contact number, vehicle number, and type (if any), visiting address, and visitor type.EezyLife’s apartment security system is so tight and secured that a single fly cannot pass without verification.

Pre-Approval of Visitor: Say goodbye to the pen and paper hazardous method. A unique feature of the resident app is that the residents can even invite any visitor by going to My Visitors option, in which the Invite Visitor option is present. There, the resident has to put the necessary details of the visitor, so that at the time of entry, invited visitors can easily check-in by telling the guard 4–digit pin

Daily Visitors: Now you don’t even have to worry about the daily visitor’s security that includes maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc.  All the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing.

EezyLife’s apartment security system faithfully keeps what yours, yours. In and Out Monitoring: Whenever a visitor, be it your guest or your daily house staff checks in or out, all the records are stored into the database of the both Resident and the Guard app. This empowers your apartment security system to keep an eye on every entry and exit.

From the residents to the visitors, all are authenticated and checked diligently and then are permitted to enter. While people prefer gated communities for better security options, EezyLife’s mighty apartment security system provides the joy of security, turning life into easylife.

Society Management Software

Make Your Gatekeeper More Intelligent And More Secure With EezyLife

Suppose, after a beautiful makeover, you are entering into your society like walking on Cannes red carpet and suddenly your apartment security guard stops you and doesn’t let you in as he doesn’t recognize you. Or, what if, your society gets crowded everyday with lots of visitors and your gatekeeper cannot keep an eye on each of them properly. Now, are you feeling anxious or uneasy? 

Don’t worry; EezyLife, the one-stop solution for community management’s Gatekeeper is there for you which is an app based apartment gate management system of gate-keeping.

What Does EezyLife Offer:       


EezyLife’s Guard App works as an alternative for the register books and intercom services making the service for the guards less complex and simple without compromising the security.

This is a brilliant one-stop apartment gate management system which has separate visitor management, daily staff management. The gatekeeper can register visitors by filling necessary information like name, phone number, vehicle number (if any), vehicle type, tower, and flat number, and visitor’s type and then the guard can allot the applicable parking and can maintain In and Out time, and collect the parking charge (if applicable).


Daily visitors include maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc. all the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing. Even the residents can keep an eye on their daily attendance.

Pre-approval of visitor is a unique feature of the resident app where the residents can even invite any visitor by going to My Visitors option, in which the Invite Visitor option is present. There, the resident has to put the necessary details of the visitor, so that at the time of entry, invited visitors can easily check-in by telling the guard 4–digit pin.

Thus the app-based apartment gate management system turns your life into easylife where you don’t have to use pen and paper to keep the record of your daily visitors and the guard also can keep an eye on the entries and exits of all people discarding the old-school method and adopting a new digitalized app-based gate-keeping system.

So get connected with EezyLife that is nothing less than the best.

Society Management Software

Tailor your apartment to the highest standard with EezyLife’s Apartment Management App

Do you want to upgrade your everyday experience without the hustle and bustle of society management or are you worried about your society’s security? In both cases, your answer is the same – EezyLife. It has come up with a superb community management app to make your days Easylife while it will protect, care, and manage your society single-handedly.

What Is EezyLife:        


EezyLife, a complete web-based one-stop solution for community management aims to be a potential solution, bringing elevations and modifications in your life. It works as a catalyst to bring changes in apartment management by transforming it to be more competent, convenient and secured.

Apartment Management With EezyLife:

Apartment management is a massive responsibility that requires enormous time and mammoth skills. But with EezyLife, managing your apartment has never been so smooth as EezyLife offers cost-effective society management apps which come with excellent features.

From creating successful events and activities for your society to keeping a record of all the residents of the apartment, EezyLife regulates the apartment management effortlessly making it easylife. Have you ever thought that your society will have a digital notice board and you will receive all the notifications sitting at home? Or, can you imagine that you can take part in decision making for your society? EezyLife exactly does these for you. It has a digital notice board and it also creates a poll where you can cast your vote digitally.


From complaint management to lost and found section to the option of utility bill payment, EezyLife is a complete package of apartment management.

Enhance Your Apartment Security With EezyLife:         

If you are searching for a long time for the best apartment security app, your search ends here. EezyLife protects your society better than any other apartment management app with its magnificent visitor, vendor management, and employee attendance feature which oversee the exit and entrance of each people visiting your society digitally, a great replacement for the manual attendance sheet.


The SOS alert system will never leave you alone in your emergency.

In a nutshell, EezyLife is the exact apartment management app that you are looking for which is dedicated to providing high quality, top-notch and secured services – adapted to clients to make it easylife.