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Society management has never been so smooth.It needs to be managed well in all the areas; both aesthetic improvement and quality

developments are equally pivotal for a society. EezyLife has come up with a one-stop solution for society management for your home and office which is cost-effective and less time-consuming. EesyLife Solution offers a smooth and comfortable platform to boost your society, transforming it into a top-notch highly functional, and easily manageable one. Our expert team with over 2 years of experience handling society matter, has developed this software which offers a huge range of services through our 2 apps – EezyLife App, and EezyLife Guard App, enabling you to be an adept person to participate in the management process.

We have developed three interfaces with multitudinous services for our users. Have a tour with us for a comprehensive study of our features and services.

Eezylife Resident App

This app is for society or community residents. EezyLife is a flagship product developed by EezyLife Systems Private Limited. It offers complete web and mobile-based services to changes into the lives and to bridge the communication gap among the people related to the community and to enhance the security inside the society. Features and Functionalities of EezyLife:

Society Directory

Your massive workload cannot disconnect you from your neighbors anymore, because our app is here to connect you to your neighbor through Society Directory where numbers of all the society members will be registered. Even you can find nearby emergency numbers, like nearby hospitals, police stations,

etc. Be it an emergency or a time to push away your loneliness, this app is a savior.

Notice Board

If you easily forget anything, don’t scratch your brain anymore; only active your fingers to search for this excellent feature, digital notice board, which will notify you about the important notices regarding your society and its residents.Be it an emergency or a time to push away your loneliness, this app is a savior.

Complaint Management

If you fear to raise your voice against the uncomfortables, just file your complaint regarding society-related issues like electricity, plumbing, carpenter, security intercom etc. and you are done. You just need to describe your complaint along with a related attached photo and submit. The rest will be managed by our admin panel.

Many a time, societies go through chaotic situations due to turmoil of the complaint management committee. But this single app has the potential to dust off this problem too. Admin and maintenance team is responsible for maintaining the TAT of customer complaints and requests and will later assign the service person as per the complaint category. Only the admin panel has the right to share the assigned service person’s name and phone number. Once the problem gets resolved, the complaint will be closed by the residents or by the admin panel through the app only. If required, the admin members can reopen the complaint.


Gender or your age can make you cripple no more. If you are in any kind of emergency, just click on SOS, and your messiah is there.

This is a panic alert button for the residents who can press the button if any kind of emergency arrives. Immediately after pressing the button, an alarm will start ringing in the Guard phone app and along with that, they will get the details like flat no. and resident name, so that they can send quick help to the resident. Also, Admin can track the record of SOS requests in the society through their portal.

Vendors List

EezyLife has come up with this feature which manages the vendors’ details.

In this app, you can find the list of the vendors of your nearby areas or the vendors who provide services to your community, along with their contact details. So, whenever it is necessary, you just can call them and avail their services.

Utility (Online Bill Payment)

Forget about paperwork and difficulties of paying society bills. This app is all-powerful with masterly UI to pay your utility bills. This feature of the app allows its owners to view and pay society bills without paying any extra convenience fees. Admin has the responsibility to create Utility Bills regularly or one time bill for the society which includes electricity, water, gas maintenance, etc.

UI, that is used for this app is super-fast and supports all the swipes commonly used on smartphones, be it android or IOS. For the payment select the payment type, enter the amount, and proceed with the UPI payments. The amount will be directly submitted to the society bank account. Any late payment charges applied to the residents are controlled and maintained by the society admin team.

Household Management

Household workers are very important part of our lives. From now onwards, you need not to worry, about when they will be coming. EezyLife has come up with the feature which you let you know the arrival of your household workers.

Once the guard does the check-in of the worker on his/her arrival, the resident will come to know about the arrival through the resident app and the same notification will be received by the resident on the departure of the worker. The admin panel is empowered with the right to register daily household employees like the maid, milkman, newspaper-person, etc. so that they can easily mark their attendance daily. The residents can check their employees’ attendance regularly through is the feature.


Our company but the decision will be yours.

Polls are generally created by the society admins for elections, surveys. Before taking any decision, be it trivial or vital, your Society Admin Team can generate polls, to maintain the sustainability of the democracy. Here all the members will be notified through this app only, once the polls are created by Admins, and they can cast their digital votes. All of the residents are equally encouraged to participate in decision making. Once you have cast your vote, you cannot change it further.

No discrepancy, only transparency is our mantra here.


Your event is important for us. Our admin team members will organize personal or corporate events (small and/or large-scale), analyzing the target audience, budget, event’s concept and will add every detail of that event in the associated categories. From A-Z analysis, planning, and arrangement will be done by us. After creating an event the admin panel and admin members can select associated things like event category, description, time, date, days, and members.

All that you have to do is to apply to join that event through the mobile app only as you will be notified about the event and its particulars through the same. Now, the entire responsibility is on the admin panel, from making any modification to notify you about the event.

The admin members can keep a count on the participants. They are empowered with the right to cancel or to make any changes in the schedule of the program such as a change in time, slot eligibility, date, etc.

The best part is that, through this app, you can pre-book your community hall as per the convenience and availability and also can keep an eye on the upcoming events. All the records of each event are kept securely to provide you a better and smooth experience. Our extensive, hard-working team promises you a grand, quality, and successful event.


If any activity organized within the society, the residents can check this in this Activity option and can participate to the activity according to their convenience. If the residents want to do any society activities, they can book or even pre-book the hall according to their convenience and slot availability.

Lost & Found

Breathe and panic no more. Your lost valuable possession(s) is now secured with us.

To meet the clients’ satisfaction, our app has come with this feature that will enable us to find out your lost possession if that is found and submitted to the society’s office.

The admin panel will update the found thing in the Lost & Found section, which will be visible by all the resident members. Upon submitting the proof in the society’s office, residents can collect their belonging(s).

Without authentic verification, no object is subject to handover to any person by the admin team.

Parking Management

You will no longer have to argue with your fellow residents for having a parking slot. By automated parking access and event parking, this single app can erase your stress.

This is also a unique feature for the residents as it will help the community to generate revenue from their parking slots. This app delivers intelligent parking program and solutions for drivers, categorized into 3 types:
A. Free Parking
B. Open Parking
C. Basement Parking (Premium Parking)

EezyLife provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for vehicle parking by automated parking access and event parking. Society admin and security team manages and controls parking spaces and allotment, security, etc. Once the residents make their assigned parking vacant or available for parking, the society Guard and team will use that space for visitors’ parking, under the supervision of RWA. The charges and time slots are decided with the mutual consent of society management and residents. Remember, no event parking is allowed here inside the residence; parking is only available for the residents and the visitors. Once the entry is done by the EezyLife app, it is easy for admin to keep a count on the number of vehicle entries regularly, monthly or daily basis.



Eezylife Guard App

This in-house app is mainly for the security guard(s) of a society to manage all the activities securely and easily through EezyLife Mobile App. This works as an alternative for the register books and intercom services making the service for the guards less complex and simple without compromising the security.

Guard is registered by Admin Team member by filling details like mobile number, aadhar card details, photo, email id, and password. This email id and password is the login credential for Guard App.

Visitor Management

With the help of this app, Guard can register visitors by filling necessary information like name, phone number, vehicle number (if any), vehicle type, tower, and flat number, and visitor's type.

After the completion of the formalities, the guard can allot the applicable parking and can maintain In and Out time, and collect the parking charge (if applicable). If any new visitor visits the society, the guard has full access to add his/her description from the option Add New Visitors present in the EezyLife Guard app.

Daily visitors include maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc. all the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing.

Guard has the power to know about all the active and upcoming visitors through the Visitor List option. From the history of the visitor list, the admin can also keep an eye on the previous visitors' list.


Guard does not have to do the entry of the daily staff or the workers of the community like the maid, gardener, car-washerman, and milkman, and so on. Through the Daily Visitor option, the guard just has to do the check-in at the time of the arrival and check-out at the time of the departure of the staff.

Daily Staff Management:

Guard does not have to do the entry of the daily staff or the workers of the community like the maid, gardener, car-washerman, and milkman, and so on. Through the Daily Visitor option, the guard just has to do the check-in at the time of the arrival and check-out at the time of the departure of the staff.

Parking Management:

The security guard provides the parking slot to the visitor at the time of his arrival after doing the necessary documentation registration and formalities. The collected total amount of money from the visitors’ parking (if applicable) will reflect on the Guard app.

With the help of this app, the Guard can maintain all the records for the parking vehicles.

With Guard App

Eezylife Admin Dashboard

The dashboard is master access provided to the social management or the management committee of the society. The Dashboard serves as an administrative home page with access to key components of your community

The dashboard is master access provided to the social management or the management committee of the society. The Dashboard serves as an administrative home page with access to key components of your community.

  • From there, they get all the access and information related to their society such as owner or tenant details.

  • They can publish Notice or announcement for the residents.

  • They are enabled to cater to complaints raised by residents.

  • From visitor management to organize polls & surveys for residents, parking management, and much more are under control of admins.

This allows society to run more smoothly and securely, following a particular system. They are a team of highly responsible people who handles the entire community swiftly, making the residents’ life more comfortable, competent and secure. EezyLife, one-stop solution comes with all the above mentioned features to make your community smart, convenient and secure, pushing it one step forward to better living. It will provide you an excellent experience of everyday living. When our country is moving towards digital India, Eezylife is following this mantra. We care, protect and value your community to meet our clients’ satisfaction. This is your choice and our commitment.